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Our Leadership Team – Other ExCom Members

Assistant Officers

Paul Harwood.png

Asst. Educational Officer

Paul Harwood, S-IN

Members at Large

JTB Photo.jpeg

Member at Large

John Baynard

IMG_0254 (1).jpeg

Member at Large

Hal Evans

Bob Bennett.jpeg

Member at Large

Bob Bennett, S

Pamela Lewanda.jpg

Member at Large

Pamela Lewanda, S

Tom Buchas.png

Member at Large

Tom Buchas

James Murray_IMG_1520.jpeg

Member at Large

James Murray

Commander's Assistants (Non-Voting ExCom Members)

AEdO-Cusanelli V2.jpg

Flag Lieutenant

P/C Dennis Cusanelli,

Jan 10-22-21.png


P/C Jan Wright, SN-IN

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