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Information Available directly from USPS/America's Boating Club 

Members can use these resources to find contact information about other members:

  • - Once you log in as a member, you will be able to search by any of these known elements: name, email, phone number, or boat name.

  • - Once you log in as a member, go to the Info Center and, under My Info:

    • Select

      • Squadron Membership/Roster 

      • District Membership/Roster

    • Click on Download Member Data and select the fields you want

    • Click on Generate CSV to create your roster

Note: There is a How to Use button at the top of the page, which provides clear guidance on tailoring your report. Roster data are updated in real time.

Information Available on This Site

Tybee Light members and associate members may access a roster on this site by entering their Ecertificate in this format: E###### (capital E, no space before the six digits that follow).

Roster data are updated monthly.  
Last updated: April 4, 2023.

The Ecertificate you entered could not be validated (perhaps due to a typo). Please re-enter your Ecertificate number or, if you joined on or after the last updated date, click HERE for help.

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