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Upcoming Classes

Classes Open for Registration:

Full List of Classes and Seminars 

(Classes with open registration have links on the starting date. If a class does not yet have a link, contact our SEO to express interest, and he will open registration.)

Advanced Courses:

America's Boating Course:

  • We completed 7 offerings in 2023.

  • Our 2024 season begins right after the Savannah Boat Show, with America's Boating Course, our most popular seminars, and Boat Handling.

Note: Grants provide for the refund of course fees for students who complete America's Boating Course successfully. Grants have been provided by Hale Marine and the David C. Sapp Fund for Young Boater Education. 

BoatingCourse Flyer (Sept 2023).png

On-the Water Training

OTW Class/Seminar Supplements

Jump Start

Hands-On Training

BOC Skill Demonstrations

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