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Video Shoots

Season 7 – 2023 Shoots Are a Wrap


America's Boating Channel's Marty and Sari Lafferty Lafferty returned to Savannah to shoot videos for 6 of Season 7's 12 videos with our club's Field Director, Charlie Saytanides (top photo), and our "Tybee Light Players" cast of 26 members, children, and friends. 

Bookended by the April 29 pre-production meeting hosted by P/C Andy and Pam Anderson and the May 4 post-production sunset cruise and pizza party, our Season 7 experience was fantastic. We had a lot of fun and always learn things when we participate in the production of training videos that help promote safe, fun recreational boating. For example, this year there was an added plus, as we experienced drone operator, Steve Troletti, shoot scenes of the Savannah River inlet with the north and south jetties (bottom photo).

Our titles were:

For the inside story and more photos, see our May 2023 Beacon newsletter.


Back by Popular Demand in 2022


After our successful Season 5 debut in 2021, our club volunteered to help America's Boating Channel in the production of 6 Season 6 videos. From the pre-production meeting (see photo) on March 7 to the "that's a wrap" on March 14, our members and America's Boating Channel's Marty and Sari Lafferty enjoyed every moment.

Our titles were:


All of our videos have now been released. To view them, click on the links or on each video's image below. For more videos, subscribe to America's Boating Channel today!

ABChannel Season 6 - Fire Extinguishers.png
ABChannel - Defensive Boating.png
ABChannel - Boat Operator Responsibilities.jpg
ABChannel - Electronic Visual Distress Signals.png
ABChannel - Commercial Traffic.png
ABChannel - Capacity Compliance.jpg
05072021 TLSPS group ABChannel.jpg

Our 2021 Debut

In 2021, America's Boating Channel's Season 5 produced 10 new full-length boating safety videos, and our club is featured in 8 of them. 

To view the videos in which we were involved, click on each video's image below. Enjoy!

For the inside story, see our May 2021 Beacon and July/August Beacon newsletters. Or view the video of 2021 Cdr. Andy Anderson's comments, which was presented by America's Boating Channel at the USPS/ABClub August 2021 Governing Board meeting. Click here... Andy's comments begin at the 7-minute mark.

America's Boating Channel received the International Boating and Water Safety Summit 2022 Communication Award for Public Service Announcements for its Season 5 videos. Click to learn more about IBWSS.

2021 Videos
Featuring Our Club
ABChannel - 1 - Knowledge vs Skills.png
ABChannel - 7 - New Label Benefits.png
ABChannel - 4 - Carbon Monoxide Dangers.png
2021 Videos
Featuring Our Club
ABChannel - 5 - Collision Avoidance.png
ABChannel - 3 - Inflatable Life Jackets.png
ABChannel - 9 - Basic Marine Communications.png
2021 Videos
Featuring Our Club
ABChannel - 2 - Wear an ECOS.png
ABChannel - 8 - Fire Extinguisher Standards.png
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